There’s a lot of boxing terminology going around. Shadowboxing. Cardio kicking. TKO

Ever wondered why boxers jump rope? From old-time legends like John L.

Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquaio, Floyd Mayweather, and Tyson Fury are

Boxing demands precision, power, and agility. All boxing equipment, including the shoes,

All jumping ropes for boxing aren’t made equal. When looking for a

Ever wondered why boxers jump rope? Jumping rope isn’t just a random

Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches. The key to success and safety

Choosing the best punching bag for boxing can make all the difference

This is a complete guide to choosing the right punching bag filler.

Boxing isn’t all about dazzling with sizzling punches that sting. It’s also

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, you

The world of boxing has produced some of the most widely-spoken idioms

Owning a great pair of boxing gloves doesn’t have to cost an

To be your best in the ring, you need the right boxing

Ask anyone why they watch boxing and if they’re honest they’ll tell

Many people feel a flood of inspiration to start boxing. Whether it’s

Boxing is a sport full of colourful characters who’ve ushered many powerful

Like the gladiators of Ancient Rome, boxers are the embodiment of strength,

Anything can happen inside the ring. The greatest glories. The stunning victories.

There are so many fantastic reasons to take up boxing. First, what

People have been fighting in hand-to-hand combat since the dawn of time. 

Have you ever tried to analyze a boxing statistic but couldn’t understand

In a poem dedicated to Smokin’ Joe, Muhammad Ali stated, “Joe is

Watching some of these big fights on Pay Per View may lead

There have been six undisputed champions in men’s boxing, and four undisputed

Quick answerBoxing rings are generally between 16ft and 20ft for amateurs, and

Something that I've noticed that there's a lack of online is freely

While this might seem like an obvious one, the question of how

The subject of how many belts there are in boxing can get

Boxing is more than just two people trying to knock each other

Boxing is many things to many people - for some it’s the

Boxing is a nuanced sport - there are rules and regulations that

Boxing glove weight is an important, yet often misunderstood aspect of the

There’s a lot of detail on the internet about how to use

We’ve been over the virtues of training with a double end bag

Many reading this are likely to be apartment-dwellers, living in a small

Regular readers of this blog will know that we primarily cater for

In this article we're going to take an in-depth look at a

Many amateurs that are learning to box or want to take up

When beginners get into boxing, often one of the first bits of

Most boxers or aspiring boxers looking at this article are going to

Let’s talk about boxing gloves. A must-have for any aspiring fighter -

If you’re serious about using boxing as a way to get fit,

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s been boxing for years or someone