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How to start boxing


Many people feel a flood of inspiration to start boxing. Whether it’s because they’ve been a fight fan for years, because they’re out of shape and need a dynamic method to burn calories or because they were bullied and feel fragile and want to learn to fight to defend themselves, boxing is a beautiful sport, artful fighting style and way of life that almost anyone can get into.

But how to start? How does one get into boxing? What will you need? These questions and more are what we’re going to answer in this complete guide to how to start boxing. 

What does starting boxing involve?

Getting started is often the hardest part. How to start boxing means looking at several key aspects of what boxing includes:

  • Training.
  • Fitness.
  • Fighting.

Many people will assume they’re not fit enough to start boxing. But this isn’t always true. While your fitness level will determine at what level you can begin, almost anyone at any fitness level can start boxing. 

You can start boxing today by either:

  • Joining a local boxing gym.
  • Hiring a personal boxing trainer.
  • Buying boxing gear and a heavy bag.
  • Starting a new fitness regime.
  • Researching and learning the basics.

Because boxing is a multifaceted sport and activity made up of training, fitness and fighting, the fact is you can start boxing by checking off one or several of these aspects. But while going out for a run can be seen as part of your new boxing regime, this doesn’t make you a boxer. While we recommend just getting started as vital to focusing your mind and getting the wheel turning to start boxing, we also believe the best way to truly get started is to either join a boxing gym or hire a personal boxing trainer.

Join a boxing gym.

Joining a boxing gym might be the single best ticket to get started in boxing. Try searching for local gyms online or ask friends and family if they know any. It’s in the boxing gyms you’ll find those who know all about the sport. 

Going to the top is your best bet. Ask for the manager or the trainer with the most credentials. Those with the most experience will often be the best. Ask how much it would be to train there and start training there if you can afford it. Simply being in the gym, soaking up the atmosphere and watching others with more experience will do you wonders. 

And if you can find an ex-boxer or a trainer who’s trained professional fighters, all the better.

Hire a personal boxing trainer.

Everyone’s heard of personal training. There are personal boxing trainers, too. This will likely be more expensive than joining a boxing gym. But the benefit of hiring a personal boxing trainer is that they can provide personalised one-to-one guidance and critique. Unlike going to a boxing gym to wait to get trained, hiring a personal boxing trainer means the attention is all on you.

Learn proper form and technique.

One of the first and most important aspects to learn to start boxing is proper form and technique. This means foot stance, fist placement and punching technique among other things. If you choose to join a boxing gym or hire a personal boxing trainer, you’ll be taught these beginner vitals. If, however, you choose to learn from home, you’ve got the world’s knowledge at your fingertips — watch videos and read about proper form and technique before you start firing punches.

Hit the bag.

You’ve seen the films. The slugger hits the bag desperately and without grace. But everyone has to start somewhere. 

Getting a feel for the bag, both the heavy bag and the speed bag, can do wonders for your confidence. It’s also great for releasing stress, anger and anxiety. Once you’ve learned basic proper technique and form, start hitting the bag.

While boxing is complex and has many aspects that make up the sport, punching is what it boils down to. Punching the bag will give you a sense of what proportion. You get to practice your form and technique against a static object with weight against it. While facing a real live opponent won’t be static, feeling your throws hit the target and receiving the tactile feedback is another crucial step in learning the art — and this step is one that really gets you started in boxing.

Raise your fitness.

Boxing fitness isn’t the same as getting fit in a regular gym. Joining a boxing gym or hiring a personal boxing trainer will give you the leg up. But we’ll sum it up in one word: conditioning.

Unless you’re an athlete, if you want to start boxing, you’ll need to raise your fitness through the proper conditioning. This means training like a boxer trains. Your cardiovascular fitness must be increased. Your core strength and stability must improve. And your flexibility and mobility must be made better.

Running, swimming, hitting the bags, core work and dynamic stretching are all important aspects of raising your fitness to start boxing. Think less about heavy-duty weight training. Think more about raising your heart rate and breaking a sweat. When it comes to fighting in the ring, you’ll need every ounce of heart you can muster to last.

Track your progress.

Finally, track your progress. Especially in the beginning, tracking your progress is vital. It’s also fun. So long as you’re dedicated, you should see quick returns on personal investment. The more you put in the more you get out of it.

The simplest way is to keep a log book. Track your weight, record time bests and make notes on your progress. This will help keep you motivated and allow you to know with precision where you are and where you need to go to achieve your goals and ambitions as either an amateur boxer or perhaps as one dreaming to go pro.

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