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Why should you start boxing?


There are so many fantastic reasons to take up boxing.

First, what is boxing? Boxing is a sport. But it’s a lot more, too. For some, boxing is a way of life. It’s a self-defence system. A great and fun way to get fit. It boosts confidence, flexibility and overall health. A way to connect mind and body.

Boxing classes and training have become increasingly popular in recent years for their many overarching benefits. Whether you’re a man, woman or adolescent who wants to increase self-esteem and feel more confident about being able to protect yourself, learning to box is a good way to go.

To learn to box is also to learn to use your body more efficiently and build strength and balance. It promotes health and fitness. Boxing also benefits your posture because the natural movements and the training involve strengthening muscles that the modern way of living often neglects.

And the elderly are getting in on it, too. While fighting professionally or duking it out in the ring against an opponent might be the goal of some, boxing to increase vitality is becoming more popular. Unlike in decades past when people thought weight training and intense physical exercise were bad for the elderly, we now think differently. Scientists back hard physical training for the elderly. And boxing classes for seniors are a great way to go to get a fun yet intense workout. 

Boxing is great for self-defence

When people think of boxing, they think of two people fighting. While crime rates continue to decrease in the western world, learning to defend oneself is empowering.

Boxing is a fundamental cornerstone in almost all forms of fighting. It’s practised in a myriad of ways and is included as a strong foundation for many different martial arts. When you learn to box, you learn to strike. You also learn foot coordination and balance. It’s a discipline that teaches people the values of hard work, effort and dedication.

It’s fantastic for fitness

Boxing is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to keep fit. It’s also one of the most fun. Rather than going round and round like a hamster on a treadmill, boxing breaks a sweat through rapid all-body movement. 

Throwing punches over and over again, running and working the speedbags are all great ways to increase your heart rate, burn calories and build strength. It’s an all-around fitness regime that brings about true balance, mobility and strength. Boxing will tone your muscles, increase power and build endurance like nothing else.

And these are only some of the benefits of boxing for fitness.

It’s good for relieving stress

Western society is taught to hold in their emotions. To keep a stiff upper lip. To play it cool. But what happens when anger and stress are repressed? 

Boxing allows one to relieve that tension. And in a world increasingly sedentary with all the technology we have, people find themselves more stressed than ever. Boxing is an incredibly therapeutic way to relieve built-up tension and anger. There’s something about reaching a meditative state while smashing the bag that channels stress and anger that’s so therapeutic it can be joy. 

Moving the body, intense training and increasing your confidence with hard punches is a beneficial and healthy way for anyone to relieve stress.

Learning to box will increase your confidence

As well to being great for fitness and relieving stress, one of the greatest benefits of boxing is how it increased confidence.

Parents send their children to martial arts classes to increase their confidence because it works. But it works for anyone at any age. It’s not only learning to fight. Being in a class or working one-on-one with a trainer in an intimate zone boosts confidence. 

But to learn to fight, to know one can punch and protect oneself if necessary, is one of the greatest boosts for a healthy self-esteem anyone can get. And the beauty and overarching benefit of this increase in confidence and self-esteem are with you wherever you go, in everything that you do.

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