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5 of the most inspiring boxing quotes on life and winning


Like the gladiators of Ancient Rome, boxers are the embodiment of strength, vitality and courage. We revere the warriors of the ring. We look up to them as figures of what can be overcome by facing an enemy and what can be achieved through hard work and passion and absolute dedication towards the desired goal.

Boxing is as much a mental game as it is physical. Most of the wise would say more mental. Some might even say today that there are worldly philosophers among the boxing greats — we wouldn’t argue with that sentiment. 

Boxing might be the only sport which forces its subjects to look into their most inner depths and face up to everything they aren’t in order to become everything they could be. Behind the scenes, there must be an incredible tenacity. There must be a fiery will. And there must be the strength to fight against pain and pleasure to succeed.

The greatest fighters, through their tough regimens and gruelling training and lessons hard learned, know more than most about life and winning. Their ability to stand the confines of what it takes to become a great warrior and champion and the words we have that have been spoken on what it takes continues to be motivating and inspiring to fans and non-fans alike.

We’re going to look closely at some of the most powerful lines ever spoken by the greatest boxers in history. We’ll discuss quips and fury and meanings behind the quotes from the best that ever lived. Read these motivational words and you won’t be able to help but become inspired to take action in your own life.

This is one of the greatest and most inspiring boxing quotes of all time because in Muhammad Ali’s words are pain, fury and dreams.

Ali expresses the reality of what it takes to become the greatest. To reach the heights of heavyweight champion of the world, as Ali did, takes true sacrifice. Elite boxers will spend 2-3 months or more in an intense tunnel-vision-like state of training, eating and sleeping everything boxing. They leave behind their families, friends and everything mundane in their pursuit of eternal glory.

He’s telling us that if we’re willing to go through the trials and tribulations on route to our dreams and go all the way we can be the champions of our own lives. Ali kept his burning vision alive every step of the way, no matter how hard it got. And so should we.

‘I fight for perfection’. 

—Mike Tyson

A pithy quote from the boxing sensation of the 80s. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was a formidable force and is down as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

He was ruthless. He was obsessed. He strove for perfection in his craft. There’s beauty in this quote. In only four words Tyson tells us his champion mindset — his dedication to his sport and his striving to do the best he can in his vocation.

Fighting for perfection is what everyone who wishes to attain the heavyweight belt in our own endeavours must do.

Want to be the best salesman on your team? Fight for perfection. Want to become the bestselling novelist of the decade? Fight for perfection. Want to start your dream business and thrive at the top of your industry? Fight for perfection.

Tyson knows well enough perfection in itself is unattainable, however. But what he’s saying is deeper, more philosophical. He understands there’s a fine line between mediocrity and greatness. And to succeed in life one must think and act as if perfection is possible — to fight for perfection every waking hour to achieve one’s dreams.

In just a few words, Tyson gives us one of the finest and most inspiring boxing quotes in history.

A straightforward, hard-hitting boxing quote that should motivate everyone to put in the hard work behind closed curtains.

‘Pacman’ Pacquiao is known for his strong work ethic, laser focus in the ring and masterful performances. He’s a man who truly lives, breathes and sleeps boxing.

This inspirational quote is a metaphor for life. The harder we work at something the better our chances at victory. Put in the work while no one’s looking. That’s where it counts.

‘It’s not the size of the man but the size of his heart that matters.’

—Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield was a big man. And for a boxer of his stature and calibre to say it’s not about a man’s size but his heart says a lot.

This beautiful and inspirational boxing quote reminds us that while we obsess with statistics and what’s in front of us, to be a winner in life takes true passion from the heart. We can grind day in and day out. But unless we’ve got heart, unless we’re working towards our passion and unless we really want what we’re going after, then it won’t matter.

Winning in life means loving what you do. Listen to the heart — that part of us that knows what we desire. Chase that and you’ll be successful.

Jack Dempsey’s iron hand earned him the title of heavyweight champion. He reigned as the best in the world for almost a decade between 1919-1926. And his words live on as hard as his punches.

Dempsey’s simple hard words conceal a deeper level of truth behind the contradiction. In this inspiring quote, Dempsey’s saying that to win one must get back in the fight of life no matter what happens.

There will always be struggles and hardships. But those who get back up even when they believe it’s all over are the ones who find true success in life.

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