This site is run by me - Jack. I'm a boxing fan and a casual amateur boxer. I started boxing when I was around 9 years old, and still box today at the age of 26. While in school and university I never boxed competitively - but always took an active interest in boxing, was in the gym three to four times per week and always watched the big fights on TV.

I remember the first big fight I watched was Ricky Hatton vs Kostya Tszyu in 2005 - staying up late to watch it on PPV with my dad. Since then I've been a huge fan, and have followed most of the big British fighters since then (since I'm from the UK) - Bellew, Hatton, Khan, Joshua, Fury, Calzaghe, etc. 

It's a great time for boxing at the moment - the heavyweight division is full of some really excellent fighters like Fury, Wilder and Joshua after a really dull phase in the late 00's - early 10's where the only fighter you could take seriously was Wladimir Klitschko. I'm hoping to share some of that passion with my readers.

The objective of starting this website was to share some of my opinions and views on boxing training, the equipment you should use, why you need to do certain things, etc, as well as opinion pieces on current boxing news and events. It's not really about giving advice on health and wellbeing - I'm no expert in this, so you won't really find any information here on workout plans, nutrition, etc. There are plenty of websites that do this better than I ever could.

When I'm not boxing, I work as a business consultant - a job that's demanding and stressful but something I wouldn't give up for the world (not even to be a world championship boxer!)

My current gear is an RDX set of inner gel gloves (I can wrap, but I choose not to seeing as I like to just get in the gym and train) and a set of TITLE Boxing leather gloves. I thoroughly recommend both brands to anyone looking to get started in boxing! 

*Note - stock photo used.