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The Top 6 Best Boxing Headgear for Sparring in 2023


It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, you need quality boxing headgear for sparring. Whether you’re into boxing or MMA, being smart and using high-quality headgear for your training is crucial. 

We all focus on owning a pair of great gloves to propel our best punches, but we should pay equal attention to the headgear that we used. After all, it’s high-grade headgear that’s going to provide us with the protection we need to go the distance.

With that said, we’re going to cover the top 6 best head guards for boxing and MMA training in 2023. Read on and find out what makes great boxing headgear. And we’ll help you identify the best head guard for you.

The Different Types of Boxing Headgear

Generally, there are three main types of boxing headgear to focus on and choose from. 

  1. Open-face head guards: These adequately protect your temples and side face. They’re mainly used for amateur competition bouts.
  2. Cheek head guards: These are similar to open-face head guards, but they include extra padding that extends over the cheekbones. This provides more protection than the open-face head guards while still giving fighters the open frontal view they need.
  3. Bar/grill head guards: These come with a padded bar which usually covers the front of the face. They’ll provide excellent protection for your head, nose, cheeks and eyes. However, don’t expect the same quality vision as with the other two options. While they provide the best overall protection, a common issue boxers have is their vision is distorted, particularly with uppercuts, due to the bar. 

6. RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Headgear

RDX has built itself as a reliable name in the boxing and fighting world. This piece of headgear is designed to provide fantastic protection without breaking the bank. 

They’re durable, long-lasting and constructed with full-grain cowhide leather. Zero Impact G-Core gel technology incorporates Tri-Slab, Shell-Shock and integrated Supremo Shock foam padding. Combined, this provides you with incredible protection through superior shock absorption. 

Wear these and you’ll dance around the ring full of confidence.

Key features: 

  • Pro Head Guard with 4-way adjustable (Certified and Approved by SATRA).
  • RDX Zero Impact G-Core Gel Integrated Technology Cow Hide Leather Head Guard.

Price: $33-44.99. 

5. Venum Elite Headguard

Venum is well-known for producing quality fighting equipment, and this head guard is no exception.

Constructed using 100% premium semi-leather for a tactile, lightweight design, you’ll retain keen manoeuvrability while still being well-protected. This protection includes triple-density foam padding for quality shock absorption. Further, this head guard will protect your ear, cheek and chin. And the fastener on the back allows for a custom and comfortable secure fit.

Key features: 

  • One size fits all-adjustable with 2 velcro fasteners.
  • Triple-density shock absorption padding.

Price: $100-119.99.

4. Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear

A fantastic piece of protective headgear, this Ringside Competition head guard will protect and serve you for years.

This piece of headgear is particularly good for sparring against heavy-hitting opponents. It comes equipped with a thick layer of padding that extends to the nose like an Anglo-Saxon warrior helmet — a rare feature for boxing headgear. 

Overall, this protection is superb. However, this full-on protection comes with the drawback of limited or distorted vision. Use this headgear against brawlers and hard punchers, not against speedy sparring partners who like to spring around the ring.

Key features: 

  • Full protection including padding that extends to the nose.
  • Thick layer padding.

Price: $89.99-99.99.

3. Title Platinum Training Headgear

This boxing head guard is encrusted with the title of Platinum for good reason. This head guard is super durable yet ultra comfortable — it’ll fit your head like a glove.

Thick, durable, real cowhide leather offers fantastic protection and durability. The inside is smooth and comfortable to wear for long sparring sessions. The fully padded cheek and chin pads provide increased protection over many other head guards. And an adjustable elastic top strap with a hook-and-loop closure on the back provides a great quality custom fit that takes mere milliseconds to put on.

Overall, this is an incredible bang-for-your-buck piece of boxing headgear.

Key features:

  • Hook-and-loop closure.
  • Made with real cowhide leather.

Price: $99-109.99.

2. Everlast Classic Headgear

No list of boxing headgear is complete without mentioning Everlast. 

Everlast’s Classic Headguard is a vital piece of sparring equipment aimed at beginners and amateurs. This means you get premium equipment from one of the best brands at an affordable price. 

This piece of headgear provides great durability with thick foam padding. It incorporates great visibility through an open front with chin and cheek protection. It’s incredibly robust and will protect boxers for many sparring rounds.

Key features:

  • Shock-absorbing closed-cell foam technology.
  • Adjustable fasteners on the chin and back of the head.

Price: $29.99-34.99.

1. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Headgear

Hayabusa makes the highest quality boxing gear at affordable prices. 

Featuring a full-face design and solid double straps on the back, you’re going to feel fully secured. It’s thickly padded yet lightweight for sparring matches that flow. And with its stylish black and gold signature Hayabusa design, you’ll look like a pro every time you strap in.

Key features:

  • Streamlined, lightweight design.
  • Double straps.

Price: $119.99.

In Closing

Gearing up with the best boxing headgear for your sparring sessions and future bouts is absolutely paramount to making it through the rounds.

You need quality protection, durability and reliability. Use the right headgear, and your confidence will peak. With the right boxing headgear, you’ll not only protect yourself but give yourself full reign to do heavy-duty damage and improve yourself in the ring.

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